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The Olympics in Paris are just around the corner – should your fast feet also be Olympic-ready?

The BRAND NEW and SUPER DELICIOUS Li-Ning Blade Pro is the newest addition to the lineup of badminton shoes from Li-Ning! The model is designed with French inspiration due to the Olympics in Paris in 2024.


Newest top badminton shoes! – Li-Ning Blade Pro White

Are you looking for some of the market’s best all-round badminton shoes with maximum focus on comfort and stability ?

Whether you play 1 or 5 times a week, you should definitely read more about Blade Pro!

The badminton shoe is a further development of the bestseller shoe ” Yun Ting “  – but still with the same focus on  comfort  and shock absorption and is helped very well on the way with the following Li-Ning technologies;

BOOM TECHNOLOGY is the ultralight foam material (also known as PEBAX foam) which is the primary reason why Li-Ning’s running shoes have become world famous! In the badminton shoes, the technology is used in the heel of the shoe to create the best possible shock absorption for badminton players.

CARBON-PLATE  is a smaller carbon fiber plate that is built into the shoe’s midsole and helps the shoe to remain stable when, for example, take off and landing.

PROBAR LOC is an arch stability system which is also located in the midsole of the shoe and creates comfort and stability for the arch.

BOUNCE+ is the foam material that is placed in the front part of the shoe, which boosts your launch and gives extra power.

LN CLOUD  is the material technology of the midsole, which is located from heel to toe and is a foam material with a focus on comfort for the entire foot.

TUFF TIP is the reinforcement made of nylon used to reinforce the overshoe along the inside of the shoe.

TUFF RB is a new technology which is a shoe sole with improved slip resistance. NEW! 

Do something good for your feet during badminton! – buy  Li-Ning Blade Pro  badminton shoes today!


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