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Lining bag ABJT063 is a cheap fashion bag model of Lining company aimed at players who want to buy themselves a bag with small items when going to exercise. This is one of the collectible accessories that will make the sports fashion enthusiasts satisfied as soon as they see it.

Available is three colours, Genuine Lining ABJT063 Cam bag has a compact size, easy to carry anywhere. Lining bag ABJT063 is equipped with 2 compartments, an outer compartment and a main compartment to store personal items such as phones, headphones, wallets,…

The bag is designed with the main orange tone, Black and Charcoal,  bringing youthfulness and dynamism to the wearer. In addition, Lining ABJT063-3 is made of high-quality fabric, helping to protect the utensils inside the bag in the safest way.

If you are looking for a compact bag to store accessories, the Genuine Lining ABJT063 Cam bag is a choice to consider for you.

– The compartments of the bag are intelligently arranged, helping players easily arrange neat items.

– Durable material ensures long-term use when properly stored.

– Lining bag ABJT063 is easy to wash when contaminated with dirt.

– In addition to being used in badminton, this bag is also extremely suitable for outings with friends.

Storage instructions

  • Wash off stains at normal temperature
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not wash and dry on rainy or dry days
  • Avoid direct exposure to intense sunlight

Brand information

Lining is made in China under the world-famous fashion brand of creators in Hong Kong. Li-ning is manufactured with superior materials and high techniques. Bringing a strong style from the creative ideas of designers from European and American countries full of attraction, improvised creativity for both professional sports and casual activities. In addition, other products such as Badminton Shoes, Badminton Rackets, Badminton Accessories lining are also carefully manufactured and for professional sports tournaments taking place.

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