Badminton Shoes – Sound Wave 2 White/Purple/Red


√ Top: synthetic leather + woven + TPU √ Sole: rubber + EVA + TPU √ Neat seam, delicate seam, outstanding detail quality

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Sound Wave 2- PRO AYTS016-8 lightweight high bounce professional badminton shoes, using simple, and casual colours. The top is made of comfortable, comfortable and soft material, providing a good foot feeling. Li Ning brand logo design, meticulous workmanship, highlighting the charm of the brand. The anti-collision design of the toe of the shoe reduces scratches or bumps on the toes and cherishes every step.

Li-Ning’s light reflection technology
Li-Ning’s light reflection technology is an innovative midsole material independently developed by Li-Ning. It is prepared through a supercritical liquid foaming process. Compared with traditional materials, the weight of the middle base is greatly reduced, and the recovery performance is significantly improved. It has a longer service life and greatly improves the function of the product. At the same time, through more targeted adjustments, it can adapt to the competitive needs of different sports such as running, basketball, badminton and table tennis, and support good performance for athletes of different sports.

PROBAR LOC is a stabilizer embedded in the arch of the middle sole and connected to the front foot and heel, which can help the foot arch to be properly supported and protected during each workout step, while improving stability.

TUFF RB is a rubber material with high abrasion resistance, better wear resistance than ordinary rubber material, which can effectively improve the wear resistance of the sole and extend the service life of shoes.

TUFF TIP is a wear-resistant material on the toe of the shoe applied to the toe of the shoe to reduce the premature wear of the shoe top and thus extend the life of the shoe.

LI-NING CLOUD “Li-Ning Cloud” is Li-Ning’s only shock absorption technology. The middle base of the entire palm is made of a polymer material formula, which can effectively accumulate the impact force during the buffering process and convert it into energy during recovery to form an energy cycle.system. At the same time, it has soft and light weight characteristics. Reduce external impact and improve athletic performance.

CARBON FIBER SHEET Carbon fiber sheet is made from carbon fiber that is lighter in weight and more durable than traditional TPU material, and has good toughness, shock resistance and impact resistance. It helps to provide good support and power transmission while playing sports, reducing losses in sports and improving sports performance.
LI-NING BOUNCE+ is a high-elastic and anti-compression material, its longitudinal recovery performance is better than traditional midsole material, which can help athletes reduce energy loss during training more effectively.
Unmarked/unmarked technology
unmarked rubber, commonly used in badminton shoes and indoor sneakers
√ Top: synthetic leather + woven + TPU √ Sole: rubber + EVA + TPU √ Neat seam, delicate seam, outstanding detail quality


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