Badminton shoes – Halberd Lite Red


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Synchro -Fit insole : Provides extra support to the forefoot and reduces foot-to-foot clearance, Synchro -Fit insole ensures maximum grip, enhanced comfort and high performance. Foam insole:  running from the metatarsal to the heel, this insole leaves no gaps and conforms to the shape of the foot perfectly.

Hexagrip hexagonal honeycomb soleplate: Helps move quickly and stably. Hexagrip hexagonal honeycomb soleplate increases grip by 3% and is 20% lighter than standard soleplate.

The shoe sole has absolute friction, perfect anti-slip, minimises shock and prevents ankle flipping when performing difficult bridges.

Genuine Lining badminton sports shoes are specially designed with components such as PVU leather, Eva, Rubber

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