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1. Introducing genuine Lining ABJU019-2 badminton bag

Genuine Lining ABJU019-2 badminton bag is the perfect choice for badminton lovers. The bag is made of high quality Polyester + nylon material, ensuring high durability and good ventilation. With multiple compartments, you can easily organise and store your badminton equipment, including rackets, shoes, badminton balls and other accessories.

– With a simple but delicate design, the bag has the main gray color combined with blue and orange colors to create more outstanding highlights. Genuine Lining ABJU019-2 badminton bag has a large storage size, comes with many flexible compartments:

+ A large main compartment is made of waterproof silver for you to comfortably hold the racket, up to 6 rackets.

+ An external compartment to store small items such as handles, scissors, sweat wipes,…

+ A small compartment at the root must be pocketed to store personal items such as phones, wallets,…

– In particular, the Lining ABJU019-2 badminton bag has a convenient shoulder strap and strap, making it easy to carry when training or competing. With its beautiful design and ergonomic features, the Lining ABJU019-2 badminton bag will be your reliable companion on the badminton court.

2. Specifications of genuine Lining ABJU019-2 badminton bag

Brand: Li-ning

Product line: Li-ning badminton bag

Color: Gray with Blue Orange

Fabric: nylon

Lining: polyester fiber

Neat seams highlight the quality of the product

3. Advantages and how to store genuine Lining ABJU019-2 badminton bag

– Advantages

Genuine Lining ABJU019-2 badminton bag with a sturdy shape helps protect your items and accessories from getting wet when it rains.

Durable nylon material, long-term use can be up to 2 years if stored and cleaned well.

The product has the ability to contain a lot of badminton items, with the compartments intelligently organized.

The neat design is not bulky, easy to take anywhere. The zipper is smooth, smooth, making it easy for players to open and close the bag.

Lining ABJU019-2 badminton bag also meets many other purposes such as going out, traveling.

Manufactured with modern technology, ensuring that the items in the bag are always in the best condition. The genuine Lining ABJU019-2 badminton bag is the perfect addition to your badminton competition kit.

– How to store

Wash off stains at normal temperature.

Do not use detergent when cleaning Lining ABJU019-2. badminton bag.

Do not wash and dry on rainy days.

Avoid direct exposure to intense sunlight.

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Dimensions 80 × 15 × 40 cm